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You may photocopy only materials owned by the library, to be used only for personal use. Under copyright law you are limited to photocopying a maximum of 15% of each volume or journal issue.

The photocopy service is self-service and is available only in black and white, upon purchase of a prepaid card at the rate of € 4,00 for 50 photocopies. Cards are available at the circulation desk.

A4 printing from the computer is € 0.08 per copy (see rates).

Photographic reproduction and digital photo requests

  1. You must complete the form justifying your request for photographic reproductions or digital photos. See the rates for the cost of the digital photos.
  2. Photographic reproduction will be made at the expense of the user by the company managing microfilming and digitalization services according to their fee schedule.
  3. If you intend to use the research in a work you wish to publish, you must request authorization in which you specify whether the publication is a scientific, educational, or commercial or advertising. In the latter case the type of publication (book, periodic or other), the circulation and the selling price will have to be specified.
  4. The publication of a previously authorized image will be subject to the payment of image rights according to the regulation contained in the “Standards and remuneration for reproductions of historical buildings and monuments and artistic and historical municipal property, or on deposit to the municipality of Mantova” (approved by Resolution Prefectural Commissioner n. 1439 of the 12.12.1995).
  5. The patron commits to provide to the “Baratta” library a copy of his/her published work in which the photos of the municipal property appear.
  6. The caption of the requested photos, always obligatory in case of publication, provides for the quote of the following information: the author, the name of Fondo, the title/the subject of the image, the affiliation.

Photographic reproductions

The photo library assumes the responsibility of providing the photographic reproductions (b./w and colour). The user must pay the whole cost for the reproductions which are provided by an outside firm. An outside firm provides the reproductions and sets the rates for purchasing them. Rates are available upon requests.

If no negative is available, the cost of the duplication will include the creation of the negative.